Kobudo Study & Practice of Weapons in
the School of SosiUKan

Grandmaster Ichikawa Sosui was a master of Kobudo.

Around 4th dan level of Ichikawa Sensei’s teachings, he felt we had gained the experience of the physical, he started to expand to the emotional movements of his teachings of Kobudo. One of the most important underlying principles of his teachings was not only knowing the weaponry of choice, but also knowing the method of practice to obtain the skills to use the weaponry.

On one occasion when visiting with my wife to Japan, we attended the Sosuikan dojo socially with Kiyoshi Yonemoto. Grand Master Ichikawa asked if there was something I would like to see? I asked to see a demonstration of the Sanchin step and also I requested to see him use a katana!

Ichikawa Sensei asked Kiyoshi to take the katana from the wall and to place it in his belt. Sensei Yonemoto was then told to draw the sword and cut at his will.

Yonemoto Sensei attempted to place his hand on the katana. Ichikawa Sensei instantaneously attacked him removing the katana from the scabbard and pointed it at Sensei Yonemoto throat.

Ichikawa Sensei returned the katana to Sensei Yonemoto who put the katana back in its scabbard and he was told to attack him again. This time as Sensei Yonemoto drew the katana, before the last bit of the katana cleared the scabbard, Grand Master Ichikawa removed the katana from Sensei Yonemoto and again pointed the blade at Yonemoto throat.

For the final time Ichikawa Sensei returned the katana telling Sensei Yonemoto to return it to the scabbard, with the instruction, ‘next time draw it and cut me with it.’ Sensei Yonemoto managed to draw the katana and was about to cut Ichikawa Sensei, when Grand Master Ichikawa attacked Sensei Yonemoto’s shoulder joint, Seizing the back of the katana blade, making the katana vibrate in Yonemoto Sensei’s hands then removing it from him effortless again turning it towards Kiyoshi Yonemoto’s throat.

Grand Master Ichikawa smiled as he said, “It is not the katana Chris san, which is the problem. The problem is the person’s intent on using it!’

The mastery of using must have balance of understanding the dangers of using.

Using weaponry against a skilful adversary has its dangers.

Ichikawa Sensei’s demonstration katana.