BUBISHI – genealogy of our lineage



Originally known by its Chinese name

Wu Bei Zhi

Is an ancient Chinese document written by anonymous originator treasured by masters though out generations.

It outlines the historical , philosophies, strategies ,of martial arts including sections on Chinese herbal medicines, vital areas of the human body and more

The Bubishi I write of is the one handed down though our Lineage, please see Genealogy Passed down by Grand Master Ichikawa with in the “Bubishi” which was written by his own hand.

Grand Master Ichikawa Sosui stated his Bubishi is the Bubishi Kanryo Higgashiona (1853- 1915) returned with when he visited China studying Chinese southern martial arts .

Returning to Okinawa this Chinese manuscript, has been passed down through our Lineage from Grand Master to most worthy Disciples. One of which would then become the inheritor original Bubishi and each of the previous Grand Masters own knowledge gained though his life time of there Martial arts studies.

On receiving my copy of “Bubishi” from the Late Grandmaster Ichikawa Sosui, he explained to me it was strictly forbidden for a Disciple that had been made a recipient of BUBISHI to make a copy or pass on to another person a copy of his Bubishi until such time the Grand Master of that generation had passed away.

Unfortunately – It was at one such time when that Master Ichikawa Sosui , had entrusted his then disciple Tadahiko Ohtsuka to make his copy from the original Bubishi of Master Ichikawa Sosui. Tadahiko Ohtsuka, attempted to make a translation from ancient Chinese manuscript into the Japanese language for his own personal gain – Betraying his Master.

I use the word ‘attempted’ as this old Manuscript cannot be translated by words alone
as many of the Ancient Chinese Characters have many deep meanings being transmitted in the ultimate way by communion of mind-to-mind, but in no other way from generation to generation.