Dojo Kun of Sosui Kan

1. The dojo is Sacred. Karate begins with bowing and ends with bowing.

2. Achieving progress with kata requires diligent practice, skilful analysis, and correct understanding of all of the kata.

3. When practising kumite in the dojo it is necessary for each student to grasp the exact meaning of the kata that have been taught. In this way the meaning can be applied to kumite.

4. It is imperative that we follow the kata, which our ancestors have created, teach them without change. Except after mastery of all kata it is allowed to invent or create a personal kata out of kata which have already been learned and understood.

5. The secret essence of karate consists of:

      a) Tenshin – Measurement of correct standing position.
      b) Hente – A change in technique that is applied after, as a replacement for, or as a continuation of the original technique.
      c) Kokyu – The study of controlling inhalation and exhalation.
      d) Ki – To learn and to control energy through proper training.
      e) Tako – To learn to control your attackers force with your touch.

6. It is strictly observed in our ancestors karate that it is not permissible to take the first offence. Sosui Ichikawa