The Essence of our School

To continue the legacy of the late Grand Master Ichikawa.

I have continued to study Grand Master Ichikawa Sosui’s Goju Ryu and endeavour to carry on his teachings as he directly taught me.  I am the only true foreigner to become his disciple and member of his Sosui kan Dojo from 1972 until his passing March 2005.  

Ichikawa Sensei awarded me “BUBISHI” in 1992  – the teacher licence and evidence of direct succession in our lineage.  Over 33 years, I rose through the levels of his knowledge and teachings and achieved 7th dan level of study and practices in 2002.

Even with the many years of study with my teacher and after his passing in 2005, I was left with so much to study.  This included the teachings I had already received as well as the treasured documents that Grand Master Ichikawa shared with me.  I looked deep into my heart and soul and could not see anyone who could replace my teacher.  

In honor to my teacher, I have remained at 7th Dan, making it my life’s work to continue my daily studies and unlocking the Mysteries of Grand Master Ichikawa’s Sosui Goju Ryu.

Chris Clifford